Carpenter Bees

Carpenter Bees / Xylocopa virginica

See those holes in the wood along the eaves? Looks like a carpenter climbed up there and drilled them perfectly round. Actually, the “carpenter” responsible was just over an inch long, weighed only a few grams, and she (yes, they’re mostly females) flew up there and drilled a perfectly round 3/8 inch hole with her mandibles.

They do not eat the wood but rather make tunnels through it in which to lay eggs and raise young. While carpenter bees are strictly considered “wood-destroying” insects, the damage they do is typically limited to surface wood and they are not likely to do any damage to the structural or weight bearing wood of a house.

Carpenter bees are solitary insects, but they will often nest in close proximity to other carpenter bees. Left untreated, they can grow to large numbers and eventually completely destroy the wood in which they are nesting and tunneling. Note: While carpenter bees are strictly considered “wood destroying” insects, they typically will infest only the wood in which you see them nesting. They don’t “get into your house” to destroy studs, rafters, and joists.

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