Who Is The Bee Hunter?

The Bee Hunter, Jim Abraham, is an experienced bee removal professional with over 25 years of experience.

I am located in Pittsburgh, PA, and specialize in the removal of stinging insects, such as wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, bumble bees, honey bees, carpenter bees, and ground bees.

The Bee Hunter is fully licensed, certified, and insured, plus his work is warranted in writing.

A little background information…

My name is Jim Abraham, and before moving to Pittsburgh over twenty years ago, I was raised on a small farm in Scenery Hill, Washington County where I first began working with bees at a young age; my father was a beekeeper. He soon transitioned from beekeeping to bee, wasp, and hornet control & prevention. I took an active interest in this new field and began working for my father when I was just twelve years old.

This became my regular summer job. In high school, I had to hire one of my older buddies to drive the truck. I was certified and licensed to do the work but too young to hold a driver’s license!

Just after graduation from Allegheny College in 1993, I began running my father’s business. I learned a tremendous amount but spent day after day in the office. After nearly ten years of this, I had finally had enough, sold the business I then owned, and left the industry altogether in the Spring of 2002.

Unexpectedly, these years away reminded me of how much I missed the fieldwork and time spent with my customers. Now, I have returned to the trade in which I grew up and in a similar hands-on capacity – only now with considerably more experience, expertise, knowledge…. and a driver’s license.

I can help you end your bee problems and figure out how to get rid of bees, bee swarms, wasps, and hornet nests, as well as other stinging insects. 

If you have a bee problem, a hornet nest, or need wasp control in or around your home or business, contact The Bee Hunter, aka Jim Abraham, today.

The Bee Hunter specializes in bee extermination and wasp control including hornets, wasps, yellow jackets, ground bees, carpenter bees, and honey bees. He is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

If you need help identifying your bee, see our information on different types of bees.

If you have additional questions about bee removal services, please see the bee information page.

The Bee Hunter services Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding Western Pennsylvania. See our Service Area page for more information.

The Bee Hunter can help keep your family and pets safe from bee stings – call today – 412-965-2448.