Pet-Friendly Methods and Materials

Every once in a while, bees, hornets, wasps, or yellow jackets show up at the absolute last house they should choose to infest – my house! When they do, I use the same methods and materials at my home (and around my two little pups) that I would use at your home and around your pets. My dogs have never experienced any problems as a result of the methods and materials I use; neither have any of my customers’ pets.

WARNING!! While his methods and materials are pet-friendly, the Bee Hunter himself is very, probably even overly, pet-friendly. As the below photos attest, Jim will probably want to pet your dog, cat, horse, pig, peep…

The Bee Hunter and Elmo in Mt. Lebanon
The Bee Hunter on the job with Heidi in Fox Chapel, PA
In Wexford with Rickybobby and The Bee Hunter
Exterminating bees and making friends with The Bee Hunter in Cranberry, PA
The Bee Hunter with buddies Appolo and Artemis in Upper St. Clair
Getting rid of stinging pests in McDonald
The Bee Hunter serving Allison Park