Bumble Bees

Information on Bumble Bees, aka Bombus impatiens, Bombus perplexus, Bombus vagans

Bumble bees are seen most often on flowers. They pollinate plants and gather nectar to make honey, but do not make nearly as much honey as honey bees. Bumble bees are not particularly aggressive while buzzing from flower to flower and are much more interested in the next flower than they are in you. However, they are very quick to defend their nest and will not hesitate to sting if they feel their nest is threatened. Those little guys pack a punch too.

Bumble bees tend to build fairly simple and disorganized nests in; dry grass clippings, piles of dried leaves, porch furniture cushions, insulation, or other loose “fluffy” material. I once discovered bumble bees flying through a broken attic window, crossing the attic, and nesting in an old discarded mattress. They may also nest underground or under exterior concrete slabs such as patios or sidewalks.

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